『TASTING TABLE Japan Premium』provides items which meet our top-class safety standards in Japanese high reliability food industry.
We achieved our one of the most severe standards, which we do not use all the artificial and chemical additives (about464types) through production process.
There are about 330 items with good taste and food safety which mainly Frozen foods such as selected dishes and additive-free seasonings.

In HongKong, These items are only availabe 『TASTING TABLE Japan Premium』 flagship shop or online store.

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TASTING TABLE Japan Premium is run by Sugarlady Hong Kong Limited.

Popular Products
  1. Asian Clam Grown in Lake Shinji
    In a freezer Natural ingredients are used. Asian Clam Grown in Lake Shinji 100 g
    HK$ 30.0

    Asian clams grown in Lake Shinji in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture packed into small bags. Serves two.

  2. Mackerel cooked with grated radish
    In a freezer Natural mackerel Mackerel cooked with grated radish 250g (2 packages)
    HK$ 57.0
    Fatty mackerel prepared with grated sweet radish and tasty sauce.
  3. Small horse mackerel nanbanzuke
    In a freezer    Small horse mackerel nanbanzuke 130 g (5-8 pieces)
    HK$ 46.0

    Japanese horse mackrel is seasoned in Nanbanzuke style. Whole fish can be eaten including the bones.

  4. Spinach
    In a freezer    Spinach 300g
    HK$ 28.0

    Ideal for stair fry, soup, boiled or marinated. Frozen piece by piece.

  5. Microwavable Easy Omelet Rice
    In a freezer    Microwavable Easy Omelet Rice 220 g
    HK$ 47.0
    Chicken rice cooked with rich and thick ketchup, wrapped carefully in a thin omelet.
  6. Grilled Soup Dumplings
    In a freezer    Grilled Soup Dumplings 200 g(25 g × 8 pieces)
    HK$ 45.0
    Grilled soup dumplings with tasteful pork jelly and sticky skin.
  7. メインの人気おかずセット
    In a freezer 時短!美味しい! メインの人気おかずセット 詳細は各商品の商品ページか、おためしまる得セット専用ページをご確認ください。
    HK$ 140.0


  8. 超便利! 人気軽食セットA
    In a freezer 使い方いろいろ! 超便利! 人気軽食セットA 詳細は各商品の商品ページか、おためしまる得セット専用ページをご確認ください。
    HK$ 119.0


  9. 超便利!人気軽食セットB
    In a freezer 使い方いろいろ! 超便利!人気軽食セットB 詳細は各商品の商品ページか、おためしまる得セット専用ページをご確認ください。
    HK$ 158.0


  10. 人気お弁当セット
    In a freezer 冷凍庫にストックして安心! 人気お弁当セット 詳細は各商品の商品ページか、おためしまる得セット専用ページをご確認ください。
    HK$ 195.0


  11. 超便利!みそ汁の具セット
    In a freezer 使いたい時に、使いたい分だけ! 超便利!みそ汁の具セット 詳細は各商品の商品ページか、おためしまる得セット専用ページをご確認ください。
    HK$ 76.0


  12. Four-Cheese Lasagna
    In a freezer Four-Cheese Lasagna 1 to 2 servings (490g)
    HK$ 155.0
    Full-fledged lasagna featuring rich bechamel sauce and luxurious meat sauce.
  13. Hand-mixed Hamburger Steak(with Porcini Sauce)
    In a freezer Beef for which neither therapeutic chemicals nor antibiotics are used Hand-mixed Hamburger Steak(with Porcini Sauce) 1 serving : Hamburger Steak 120g, Sauce 90g
    HK$ 190.0
    For the hamburger, we used the shoulder loin part of SL beef, which has a good balance between red meat and fat meat.
  14. Braised Pork Belly
    In a freezer Pork for which neither therapeutic chemicals nor antibiotics are used Braised Pork Belly 2 servings 300g (2 meals), mustard paste 2 bags
    HK$ 215.0
  15. Kinpira Gobo (Burdock Root Stripes Cooked in Oil,  Soy sauce, and Sugar) (New)
    In a freezer    Kinpira Gobo (Burdock Root Stripes Cooked in Oil, Soy sauce, and Sugar) (New) 80 g
    HK$ 33.0
    Burdock root and carrot cut into thin strips and lightly seasoned for a mild taste.
  16. Boiled Hamburger steak (with Demiglace Sauce) (New)
    In a freezer    Boiled Hamburger steak (with Demiglace Sauce) (New) 310 g (Hamburger steak 110 g x 2 packs, Demiglace sauce 45 g x 2 pouches)
    HK$ 86.0
    Easy-to-cook Hamburger steak with demi-glace sauce using a mixture of ground beef, chicken, and pork.
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